Sunday, 10 July 2011

My Favourite Bears - Julie Sykes (inc competition)

I’ve always loved bears. It’s hardly surprising as my first ever possession was a teddy bear. His name was Pink Ted, no prizes for guessing what colour he was! 

Pink Ted went everywhere with me until finally I loved him to pieces. Poor Pink Ted, he left me for that Great Bear Cave in the Sky many years ago now. I still miss him but luckily my daughter lets me borrow Bear Bear, her own treasured friend, when I’m in need of a bear hug.
I love reading about bears too and there are many brilliant book bears. Here are a few of my favourites - in no particular order:

v Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne
v This is the Bear by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig
v The huge scaredy bear in Where’s My Teddy by Jez Alborough
v Iorek Byrnison the armoured bear in Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights

But there is one book bear that towers above the rest. He is funny, kind, principled and shrewd. I first met him as a child and I’ve been laughing at his antics ever since. He is Paddington. 

He’s pictured here with Bear Bear. 

Two very special bears!

If you like bears too then I’m giving away copies of the latest Fairy Bear books, Lulu and Poppy. Books will be sent to the first two people who e-mail me the correct answer to this question.

Where do the Fairy Bears live?

Closing Date 20th July at noon (UK time).


HobbitHugger3000 said...

I love paddington too!!!
Although I do prefer MARMITE!!! :D

Leila said...

I love how literal children are. I had a Big Ted, a Middle Ted and a Little Ted. Guess which was, um, the biggest, the smallest, and the one in the middle... :)

Laura Harrison said...

I love bears too Juile!

Love Paddington and Lorek Bernison.


Julie said...

Thanks everyone. I wouldn't let on to Paddington about the marmite Hobbit Hugger. ; )

Anonymous said...

I received a Paddington Bear when I was little and now my youngest daughter owns him!!! I've still lots of bears - you can never grow out of them!

Tracy Nixon xx

Julie Sykes said...

Thank you to everyone who entered the Fairy Bear's competition. Due to the overwhelming response I decided to give away two extra prizes.

The winners are,

Laura Harrison
Leah Auty
Denise Martin
Jane Colvill

Well done and thanks again to everyone who entered.

Julie and the Fairy Bears