Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Competition reminder! - John Dougherty

I hope you all enjoyed the LitFest at the weekend. I thought I'd use today's post to remind you about the competitions. Most of them are open until the 20th July, and you can see the full list by following this link

There are, so far, only 3 entrants for mine, and since there are 10 prizes the chances of winning are pretty high! All you have to do is come up with a witty title for an imaginary book about a god, Greek or otherwise.  

Winners will receive two signed books - Zeus on the Loose and Bansi O'Hara and the Bloodline Prophecy - both of which have sequels coming out in the next few months.

Post your suggestion in the comments, either to this post or the one linked here, where full rules can be found. Good luck!

And feel free to send your friends - and their children - in this direction as well. Make sure they check out all the competitions. Where else can you find so many free books - and have them signed?

Winners will be announced on Sunday 24th - come back to see if you've won!


madwippitt said...

Yes, but no-one has answered my question - are Sassies allowed to enter the comps or are they strictly for non-Sassies? I've held back so far, assuming the latter ...

Leah A said...

I've already put mine on but I'm not sure you recieved it on the last link? Anyway my names Leah and my email is suggestion is:

Athena and the lost pearls of Sheba.
Thanks :)

Elen C said...

I think anyone can enter, personally!

madwippitt said...

Here we go then:
Vulcan gets Hammered
Atlas gets Lost
Wippitts are from Venus. And Mars.

John Dougherty said...

Yes, Leah, yours has been received, thanks! If you have any other ideas, do post them - you can only win one prize, but you can post as many ideas as you like!

And I think competitions, unless otherwise stated, are open to anyone. Even whippets of doubtful sanity.

Rosalind Adam said...

How about 'Chaos of the Muses' or on a different tack 'Pray to the Backward Dog'?

madwippitt said...

Cupid shoots his mouth off
Psyche babbles!
One Minos one is nothing (are we allowed demi-gods?)

No end to the madness of wippitts. Bet you'#re sorry you set this competition now ...

Leah A said...

Okay me again email is

Aphrodite the almighty

Jupiter and his new computer

Appollo: A hard act to follow?

Minerva and the loyal server

thanks :)

John Dougherty said...

Is 'Minerva and the Loyal Server' a sequel to "Jupiter and his New Computer'? Love it!

Leah A said...

I suppose they could all be linked, but those two do have a sort of ring :)

madwippitt said...

Am I too late for one more?
Bolt from the blue: Zeus strikes again