Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Brain Bone's Connnected to the Nose Bone - Joan Lennon

I know that my brain is an astonishingly complex thing, with richly elastic and innovative ways of using that complexity - neurons fire like Hogmanay over Edinburgh Castle every time I want to do anything from not falling over to punning to distinguishing one pizza topping from another AFTER I've taken a bite ... I love my brain. Really, huge respect. (And this isn't just personal - I love YOUR brain too. I'm just a down-right all-round brain-loving kind of gal.)

So why is it, I have to ask, that this A-one amazing piece of kit is such an entire wuss when it comes to the all-too-common cold? WHY???

I have a cold. I also have a deadline. Why can't these two facts co-exist? And if they can't, what hope is there for the nations of the world?

Why does having a cold not make me better at writing about distress or disease? Or unhappiness? Or things that are unpleasant and wet, like swamps? Having a cold doesn't make me better at writing ANYTHING.

I'm fed-up and (pause to blow nose) well, I have to say, disappointed. Your report, brain, will now include the dread words:

Could do better.

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karen ball said...

Great title and great photo! Why do we get floored by illness when we need it least? Hope you feel better soon and that you meet your deadline.

Joan Lennon said...

Thanks! My plan is perfect health tomorrow ...

Linda Strachan said...

That's the way, Joan, positive thinking.
Hope it WAS better today!

Joan Lennon said...

Did I say tomorrow as in Sunday? What I meant was tomorrow as in, inshallah, Tuesday ...
So very, very fed-up!