Thursday, 1 April 2010

Celebrity Authors Anne Cassidy

I nearly choked on my shredded wheat this morning when I read the news that there is to be a new children’s author. Balmoral Press has signed up Gordon Brown for a series of stories for 7 to 9 year olds. The report I read says, ‘These stories are aimed at children but could warm the hearts of 7 to 70 year olds everywhere’.

The stories centre on a village in Scotland called Loch Maghere and a group of boys who get involved in heroic adventures. The main character is Gordy, a plucky, yet sensitive lad who pulls the group back on the right path when things start getting out of hand. A spokesperson for Balmoral Press publicity says, ‘The prime minister has always been interested in heroic and courageous acts.’

A statement was quickly issued by 10 Downing Street, ‘Gordon Brown has a powerful way with words and what better use to put this to than to entertain and influence children. They are, after all, tomorrow’s voters’.


Where will it end? Who else will produce a celebrity children’s book? Has it become the next thing to do before a stint on Big Brother? Is it because writing children’s books is a fall back career for everyone from sex goddess singers to disgraced royals to yesterday’s soap stars?

How can we, as children’s authors, fight back?

I have decided to take singing and dancing lessons and also read up on politics so that I can put myself forward as a candidate for the Leave Children’s Books to Those Who Know How To Do It Party.

The first book in Gordon Brown’s Series will be out in February 2011 and is called Gordy In Trouble.


catdownunder said...

This is still April Fool's Day right?

Charlie Butler said...

Had me fooled!

Anonymous said...

happy A1 day! excellent post! but i was so looking forward to reading it!

Catherine Johnson said...

I'll sign up for your party Anne!

Book Maven said...

It was almost as good as Radio 4's Today programme spoof - Shakespeare's mother really Mary Ardenne and a lock of Mary Queen of Scots' hair!

adele said...

Best April Fool I've seen this year...Good on you, Anne!

Katherine Roberts said...

I actually believed this until I looked at the comments! Oh, but what if it isn't a joke? He might be reading this, you know. And if I read my tarot cards right, he'll soon be out of a job...?

Mind you, maybe this is a golden opportunity for an out-of-work professional author to become prime minister? You'd only have to do it for four years, and think of the publicity for your next series!

Penny Dolan said...

Good one Anne, though wish I could laugh without the slight tinge of bitterness that comes at those dread words "celebrity author". With or without enhancements.

Julie P said...

It's so rediculas it could be true!

Julie xx