Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pastimes Poetry Anne Cassidy

In honour of Christopher Reid winning the Costa Book Award with a collection of poems I have decided to put a poem of mine in my blog.

I found it yesterday in a file of Very Old Work.

An Old Theme

Death came looking for me
Last Tuesday
He was a slight man
Staring wildly out of the windscreen
Of a seething lorry. Rushing
Up pavements and harassing women of
Thirty five
With hunched shoulders and curled mouths

But I was busy:
Stopped to pick up a piece of metal
Shining with promise on the pavement
While Death, his tattered shoe on
The accelerator
Hit a bank clerk from Redbridge instead.

Anne Cassidy circa (clue in the age) 1987


karen ball said...

Brilliant, Anne! Very Wendy Cope!

Nicola Morgan said...

Love it! Nx

Leslie Wilson said...

Nice one!


Katherine Langrish said...

Arresting and creepy, Anne. Let's have more poems, everyone!

Katherine Roberts said...

Cool poem, Anne! Love the ending... reminds me of one I wrote a few years ago after some idiot knocked me off my bicycle (survived that time).