Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Holiday

The ABBA team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and our guest bloggers through 2009.  We wish you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to plenty more blogging in the New Year.

Karen Ball
N M Browne
Charles Butler
Elen Caldecott
Anne Cassidy
Lucy Coats
Penny Dolan
John Dougherty
Nick Green
Adele Geras
Meg Harper
Damien Harvey
Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Diane Hofmeyr
Marie-Louise Jensen
Catherine Johnson
Katherine Langrish
Joan Lennon
Michelle Lovric
Nicola Morgan
Sally Nicholls
Gillian Philip
Susan Price
Katherine Roberts
Anne Rooney
Linda Strachan
Leslie Wilson


Heidi said...

and a merry christmas to you too!!!

I came across this blog quite recently, and I must admit that I enjoy it immensly:)

luba17 said...

We wish to you and all blogger Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

"Have a fantastic holiday"

Great Sales Today Manhattan, NY
'Management Team'

catdownunder said...

It is Boxing Day here Downunder. I hope you all enjoyed a Merry Christmas.
My thanks for the insights on your cooperative blog.
All the right words for the New Year!

Penny said...

Oh no! I've totally disappeared! (Have I been struck by a Troll Yule curse, Kath?)

I - ie Penny Dolan - am also one oft the ABBA Blogging team, so greetings and Happy New Year from me to all ABBA Readers too. I'll be back a-blogging on Wed 6th January 2010, and hope you will . . .

Have a great Boxing Day and holiday!

Katherine Langrish said...

So sorry, Penny! You are now added. I just knew I would miss out someone. But I'm looking forward to reading your post!!!