Friday, 10 July 2009

Birthday Post 1 - Welcome!


“Happy birthday to ABBA,
Squashed tomatoes and, er, blubber...”

Yes, today is our first birthday and we are delighted that you could join us! There will be a whole heap of guest blogs and interesting chat to enjoy throughout the day, so do keep popping in!

You will notice a virtual birthday cake at the top right of the screen – do please help yourself to a slice. It has no calories! Truly, a perfect cake (many thanks to Penny and Damian for baking it).
There is also a guest book just below the cake. If you want to leave a birthday message in the book, please feel free. Then we can arrange them all on our virtual mantelpiece when we get home.

We are also having a mammoth book giveaway today. What a good party this is already! You turn up and the host is giving out the presents! So do take a look at the next post which is all about that.

Thank you for coming to our party, and thank you for all your support, kind words, healthy debate and downright disagreements over the past twelve months. It has been an awfully big blog adventure and long may it continue!

The ABBA team: Adele Geras; Anne Cassidy; Anne Rooney; Catherine Johnson; Charles Butler; Damian Harvey; Dianne Hofmeyr; Elen Caldecott; Gillian Philip; Joan Lennon; John Dougherty; Karen Ball; Katherine Langrish; Katherine Roberts; Leslie Wilson; Linda Strachan; Lucy Coats; Lynn Huggins-Cooper; Marie-Louise Jensen; Meg Harper; Michelle Lovric; N M Browne; Nick Green; Nicola Morgan; Penny Dolan; Sally Nicholls; Susan Price


catdownunder said...

Birthday Greetings from a Cat. (You didn't know Cats could read did you?)
I have purrrowled through your pages (even seen a book entitled Cat's Paw!!!!!)with purrleasure and amewsment. Thankyou for the entertainment and the paws up on some great reading.
As we are a little ahead of you here in Downunder I just wanted to wish you well before I curl up for the evening. Have a purrfect party!

Jane Smith said...

Happy birthday!

And Cat, get your paws off the cake, you're leaving hairs in the icing.

joefriedman said...

I've loved ABBA since it started. It's brilliant to read my fellow SAS members in their short pithy posts. (If I tried to read everyone's books, I wouldn't have any time to write.) Being a writer is a funny lonely business. Who better to serve as guides than these blogsters?

Happy Birthday! And Many Happy Returns,

Joe Friedman

adele geras said...

Happy Birthday, dear Abba! Pleased to see you thriving. I am looking forward to virtual cake which is the only kind I eat these days! Thanks for posting me on this site. I love contributing and also reading the writers who appear here regularly.
Virtual glass raised in a toast!

catdownunder said...

Miaou (I'm sorry) Jane! I scrubbed myself - all over - and I always lick my paws clean before reading a book. Must prowl off and read the posts I missed out on while sleeping off my scrubbing exertions.