Saturday, 14 February 2009

An ode for Valentine’s Day - Linda Strachan

Falling in and out of love…

A spark, a gem, a delight! What bliss
Words tumble to the page, characters hiss
They cry, they laugh, they’re a curious lot
That incredible idea, that wondrous plot
It’s working, it’s wonderful, a charm and a joy
You’re going to be hailed as the next Tolstoy

But wait what is this? It just doesn’t work
You twist it and turn it. Somewhere in the murk
The answer must lie, but your mind is a mess
The plot has turned stale, stress! stress! stress!
It’s rubbish, it’s hopeless, throw it all in the bin
Who said you could write? That plot is so thin.

Wait a minute, perhaps, yes! The answer is clear
Once more the words flow and the end is near
That wild excitement, the rush to the finish
Burning midnight candles and nothing can diminish
The triumph, euphoria, no need to be coy
It’s finally complete - jubilation and joy

1 comment:

John Dougherty said...

Then after the writing, the time comes to edit
'Twould be nice if your editor actually read it
And the budget that marketing sets for promotion
Is less than a drop in the publishing ocean
It should make you, the writer, an awfully vexed one
But by this time you're half-way through plotting the next one.