Sunday, 18 January 2009

Book reviews and other stuff....- Adèle Geras

I've been reading posts on this blog with great interest and I'm happy to be joining the writers here. Some of you may know that I used to review children's books for the Guardian but alas, those days are over. I was looking for another place where I could write about books I read and which I enjoy and ABBA struck me as very good location for the occasional review. I can't help having (this is true of everyone who posts here) friends who produce novels I like and I'll write about their work if I feel other readers will be interested in it and if I've really enjoyed it. I get through a great many thrillers and will post about good ones as these appear. I intend to highlight novels for adults as well as books for children and teenagers. I won't waste everyone's time by slating horrible books. Life's too short and generally when I start a book I dislike, I give it up almost at once with no guilt and no sense of failure.
It goes without saying that I'd be delighted if everyone else piled in with pieces about books they've enjoyed and are longing to bring to everyone's attention.

My first official review will be posted on Wednesday, February 4th. I'm writing this mainly to see if I can manage the technology without any hitches and glitches.


adele said...

Sorry, folks! The print is too small. I will enlarge it next time. But phew...I'm here on the blog!

Anne Rooney said...

Well done Adele, technology has worked :-) I agree about giving up on bad books/books I don't like - unless there is a good work-related reason for reading them, life is too short!

Lucy Coats said...

Hooray! You're here--and I am looking forward to reading your blogs and reviews when they come. I'm sure I shall make many new and delightful discoveries.

Linda said...

Looking forward to reading you! This is my FAVOURITE blog!